Text not showing and sometimes appears smaller than it is

Aug 11, 2014

I have a real problme with the text in many of my slides not showing up in preview or published slides no matter which animation I select. It was working fine up to recently and I haven't made any changes to the course. Even if I remake the text box from scratch, reanimate it and delete the old text box, it still does the same thing. The text either doesn't show up or some slides some text boxes are coming in extra small. It show fine when I select play in the animation panel, but as soon as I preview or publish the slides the text doesn't show up. It's not a certain section of the course, it's here and there throughout the course. Can you give me an idea of what might be causing this and how to fix it please?

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Karen Whitford

I checked my Flash and it said it was up to date as Google Chrome has been auto updating it all along. I"m not gettng any errors it's just making text extra small or not showing up in preview and published display. Do you think it's worth uninstalling flash and reinstalling it? Is there anything else that might be causing it?

Karen Whitford

I was also wondering if the new update supports the animation feature "After Previous" in PowerPoint? Also, would the adobe Flash make the text smaller than it is on the screen in the published version if it was corrupt? I have several slides where the text is size 20 but in the published screen it now looks more like size 12. I'm pretty sure it's realated to the text boxes not showing up because it often happens on the same screen where some of the text is showing up extra small and also out of line. Do you know what might cause all three issues? I'm using the newest version of Presenter 13.

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