The Audio Editor is now next to useless

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I downloaded the lastest updates to STudio 360 hoping the audio editor programs that I have been struggling with were finally fixed. They have not. They have become even worse. There is no longer any real correlation between the visual audio wave form and the sound track. Just watch the attached screen capture to see how far they are now out of sync.  Essentially, the audio editor is now useless for editing the sound track. 

Will we ever get an audio editor back which allows us to do what we could in version 9 - make fine adjustments to the sound track? If the answer is now, just let us know. Then give us better control over exporting and importing audio files (e.g. 1 slide at a time) so that we can move files into something like Adobe Audition and do this kind of work there.  Anything better than the mish mash I am experiencing. Yes, I am frustrated by the lack of solid movement on this issue. 





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Roelf Woldring

So I have a work around solves a lot of this issue.

I open the articulate tab in Presenter and record a narration as usual.

If I want to make a fine edit to it, I open the articulate tab again, and wait for the wave form to come up at the bottom of the page.

Then I right click the audio file and export it as a .mp3 file.

I open this file in Adobe Audition CC and find where I need to do my fix - it allows me to work with very specific pieces of the sound track.  I make my fix. I save it as an mp3 file.

Then I import it back into the PP slide using the import audio feature (remove the existing narration, import the fixed audio file for the slide.)

Next I open the Articulate Tab again and re-sync the animations if I have any.

It is a bit time consuming but it works really well. Much more accurate than "guessing" inside current version of theAudio Editor with its lack of accurate synchronization between the sound waveform and the audio track. 

This is all made easier by the fact that I have a very powerful desktop with 3 screen which allows me to keep multiple apps open at the same time, and switch between them very straightforwardly. If you do not have Adobe Audition, another sound editing program will probably work.