The correct slide not being displayed after passing a quiz

I have been fighting with a Presenter/Quizmaker problem where I have set up a quiz to branch to a specific slide if the user passes the quiz but the presentation is not going to the proper slide. In this presentation I have 2 quizzes set up this way. The first one works perfectly. The second one however jumps to the wrong slide. It actually jumps to the slide immediately following the slide it's set up to link to, I have deleted and recreated the target slide, I have deleted and reinserted the quiz, I have saved the project with a new name, I have even deleted the PPTA to force a new one to be created. But it stubbornly refuses to go to the slide it has been assigned to.

I am supposed to be presenting a prototype today and this is a critical functionality. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Peter Anderson

Hi Brett,

Do you have hidden slides, by any chance? You may find that the Finish button in a quiz branches to the wrong slide in a Presenter '09 presentation if you have hidden some slides in PowerPoint.

This is a known issue.  You can correct it by changing the quiz properties in Presenter to exclude any hidden slides.  For example, if you want to branch a user to Slide 5 in your presentation when they fail a quiz and if you have hidden Slide 3 in PowerPoint, then you would need to set "When user fails, 'Finish' button" goes to Slide 4.  Here's why:

Slide 5 (the desired destination in PowerPoint) minus one hidden slide (Slide 3) = Slide 4 (the actual destination in Presenter)

Note that this issue occurs when you have hidden slides in PowerPoint, because slides that have been hidden in PowerPoint do not get published into a Presenter presentation.  However, you will not encounter this issue when you hide slides via Articulate > Slide Properties, because these slides do get published into a Presenter presentation (and are only hidden from navigation).

To learn more about setting quiz properties in Articulate Presenter, see:
Brett Rockwood


Thanks so much for the quick reply. You guys are great!

It was a hidden slide causing the problem. That it shows the slide number and title in the Properies window incorrectly is very confusing. In any case, I've deleted the hidden slide and republished it and everything is working as it should.

Thanks once again.