The track progress and completion not working

Hi everyone, 

I'm a new Articule 360 user. And I'm meeting some problems with my imports.

As I import my production, and presentations on the LMS, I don't the score to appear. But when I choose the tracking options, on Presenter 360,it does not seem to work. I tried to choose the status "complete - incomplete", and the tracking option "Track using number of slide viewed", I imported on the LMS, and then I try it on front-office mode. The presentation works well, as well as the quizz. But then the LMS tracks this lesson as "failed". 

As anyone met the same problem ? Can you help fix it ? 

Thanks a lot for you help.

PS: I hope you understand my bad english. If anyone can answer in franch, I will be gratefull. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rupert!

I see what you're saying. Are your learners viewing every single slide in your course? If not, then it might be better to report a smaller amount of slides.

Also, it looks like this might be a setting in your LMS. What LMS are you using so I can take a look at what results it reports?

Are you publishing both a Presenter file and Storyline file separately? Or have you imported a Presenter file into Storyline, and published them in one course?

We are happy to help!