there is a problem with sound.


       This is Ajanthan. M from NIT Services, and i have a question. I have did an animation using adobe flash. And i have written some script to import the audio from library to frame. when i execute it in flash player its working perfectly. but if i publish in articulate i couldn't hear the voice.  i have used the following script to import the voice from library to key frame, and i have used action script 2.0.

var n:Sound;

news_btn.onRelease = function ()




the news is the linkage name for the voice i ve used.

Please help me to overcome this problem.

thank you,


Ajanthan. M

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David Burton


Because the attachSound actionscript will only work when inserted on the main timeline (_root) the minute you add this to a Presenter project this line of code no longer resides on the main timeline but instead a child level of the Presenter player.
Referencing the sound with this or using the  loadSound() method instead should workaround this issue. See example below:

var audioFile:String = "";

var audio_obj = new Sound(this);

function init(f:String,p:Boolean):Void {
audioFile = f;
trace("Initializing: "+audioFile);
if(p) doPlay();

function doPlay():Void {
if(audioFile.length == 0) return;
trace("Playing: "+audioFile);

function doStop():Void {
if(audioFile.length == 0) return;
trace("Stopping: "+audioFile);

this.audio_obj.onSoundComplete = function() {