Time Lock on Articulate Presenter or Storyline


I am currently building a module and my supervisor inquired whether there was a way to have a timeout / timelock on the module. The participant only has a certain amount of time to complete the module/quiz. Ideally once the participant is timed out of the module a review/summary of their progress should be displayed. Your help and advice would be appreciated on this question .



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Deb Munitz

Has there been an update to this in the past 3 years? I always see responses about how Articulate supports AICC an Scorm but this is an example where the platform does not really support an important feature. I have lessons that are 80+ screens that end in a lesson quix/test that is required for completion. If the students walk away for hours in the middle of the lesson I have no way of forcing the lesson to stop accumulating time (so we had to write that logic on the server itself) and we have no way of forcing the window to close so if the main session is timed out the lesson window can still be open. Timeout options are supported in the standards. It's time to support them in Articulate.