Tin Can on Moodle with Scorm Cloud plugin

May 02, 2016


I am using Articulate studio and publishing on Moodle. Intalled Scorm Cloud Tin Can plugin and added a Tin Can package hosted directly on Moodle. Works when opening from a regular computer. But, when trying with an Ipad, it does launch the Articulate Mobile Player but gives the following error: "Cannot Access Content. Articulate Mobile Player cannot access this content"

Below are print screens of my setting when producing as well as my Moodle settings.

I hope someone can help me find the problem... Thanks

Presenter publish settings:

Screen Articulate

More Articulate Settings:

Moodle settings/Tin Can:



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Andrew Downes

I suspect what's happening here is that the app doesn't have the relevant Moodle session cookie and therefore can't access the content. 

I recommend you try putting the content on a public server and then point to it from the Moodle using the launch url setting. 

Of course, this does mean your content can be assessed by people not logged in to the Moodle. 


Christie Pollick

Hi, Julien -- Thanks so much for reaching out and sorry to hear of your troubles! May I ask if you have had a chance to take a look at the following: 

Publishing Articulate Presenter Content for Tin Can API

“Cannot Access Content” Error in the Articulate Mobile Player

Please let us know if that helps or if you continue to experience difficulties. :)

Julien CAMUS

Hi Christie,

Yes, I had read these 2 articles... and many more! In Moodle, there is an option called "Enable web services for mobile devices" which I think is the equivalent of what Articulate refers to as "private content authorization for mobile apps", right?

I have set Enable web services for mobile devices in Moodle to yes...

Can you try to assit me further?

Thank you,


Julien CAMUS

Hi Andrew, sure... I did try to host the content on our server, unprotected, and it worked with the new Tin Can instance in Moodle. On Ipad, it does launch the Articulte Mobile Player and the content does launch.

But again, the non-secure URL shows and we cannot afford to do that.

What does this tell you?

Thanks a lot,


Andrew Downes

Hi Julien, 

I don't think the "Enable web services for mobile devices" option is relevant. 

That test strongly suggests to me that the problem is the one outlined in the section "Your LMS or Web Server Requires Learners to Login to View Content" in the 2nd article Christie shared. there's two solutions listed there, the 2nd one being the one we've already discussed and you don't like for security reasons. 

So that leaves "Publish your Presenter content for LMS, but do not mark the box to Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android. (If you include the HTML5 option when publishing, your content will launch in mobile Safari when viewed on an iPad.)" - I'm not sure what the disadvantages of that approach are. 

If that solution isn't suitable, "Tin Can API Private Content Authorization" is probably the most elegant solution to this problem. The Moodle launch plugin doesn't support this though. Since it uses the Moodle core file manager, I'm not even sure how one would go about implementing this. You could contract a Moodle development company to look at this for you, but don't expect it to be a small job. I've worked with LEO in the past: http://leolearning.com/

Sorry that there's not a quick and free solution to your exact requirements here. 


Julien CAMUS

Hi Andrew, thanks for your answer.I'll try to get it to work in HTML5 vs with Articulate's Mobile player. (But last time I tried... (was with Storyline at the time), HTML 5 version had many disfunctions...)

I can't believe though that "private content authorization for mobile apps" has not been implemented in Moodle after all these years Tin Can has been worked on...

Andrew, Christie, have you seen someone manage to get Articulate Mobile Player and Moodle with Tin Can to work before? Am I the only one to struggle with this? Just seems incredible that this is still not working properly with what I imagine to be the #1 open source LMS...

Any further assistance is welcome!


Andrew Downes

Hi Julien, 

The zip upload for the Tin Can launch modules is fairly new. Previously people uploaded content to a different server and that's the approach I've used when testing with the Articulate Mobile Player in the past. 

I haven't tested myself, but I believe that it is possible to do private content authorization using the SCORM Cloud plugin: http://scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud-features/app-integrations/moodle-integration/

SCORM Cloud pricing is here: http://scorm.com/scorm-solved/scorm-cloud-pricing/

To be fair to Moodle and the launch plugin, nothing is not working here, it just doesn't have the security features to protect your content that you want available for free. 


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