Tip: Quiz not loading properly? Shorten your folder names.


I thought I'd share a quick tip that might help resolve a Quizmaker / Presenter problem for some folks out there.

I recently published a Presenter-based course with a quizmaker quiz in it and found that when I viewed the course the quiz failed to load.  I had the quiz background set to transparent and as a result, I could see my PPT master slide.  However, the quizmaker loading circle just kept going around and around with no quiz content ever materialising.

The Presenter preview told me that the quiz was working - transparency and all - which left me a little perplexed.  I even tried to publish the quiz separately and update the background data files for the course, to no avail.  After about an hour of playing around, the solution has made me kick myself:  To keep things orderly on hard drive, I make use of folders within folders within folders, and end up with very long file paths.  This can cause problems when trying to play a course, as the paths become so long that the course can no longer read some of the very last files.  So, the solution: shorten the folder names as much as possible from the published course folder upwards.

Hope that helps!

- Paul

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