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Jeff Kortenbosch

I have done massive branching in Presenter: Check out the recap from the Call center elearning challenge: https://community.articulate.com/articles/call-center-support-elearning

Have not played with a pre-test. I've done courses where every chapter has a pre-test. If you pass you don't need to go through the content of that particular chapter. 

A cool alternative would be to make a quiz with extensive feedback by answer. This could be multiple slides long. In the end the user would have gone through the content and gotten the exact feedback and additional information they needed every step of the way. I still hope I get to do one of those someday. I think it'll be a great course to participate in.

Allison LaMotte

@Jeff: Wow that is an amazing example! Thanks for sharing. How did you get the different character and scenario choices to work in Presenter? 

A quiz with detailed feedback by answer is a great idea. I hope you get to do that one day too, and that you'll share it with all of us here on E-learning Heroes! :)

Scott Wiley
more than one location

Connect with Haji Kamal

You can use any flowcharting tool. I've seen branchtrack but we can't access if from our environment. Cathy Moore has a good article on branching scenarios and I actually backwards engineered her Connect with Haji Kamal course in the old Presenter suite.

Aside from just figuring out the branching, the hard part was figuring out how to mark completion in an LMS. Instead of counting slides (impossible if different paths of varying counts) or a quiz score, completion needed to be set based on a location the learner landed. In this case, there was more than one location that was deemed "acceptable" or "good" so landing on any one of them should mark the course complete.

I opted to go with a simple Flash swf, imported to any of the acceptable slides, that did nothing but call JavaScript that in turn sent the proper code in SCORM to mark the lesson complete. When publishing, I used slide count and set it to require all slides. But of course, the learner would never touch all slides and the course was marked complete by the swf before that could happen.

Rebekah Massmann

I've also done something in Storyline where multiple "end points" in the scenario are acceptable. What I did was turn the final slide into a "quiz question" technically (Pick One), though it didn't appear that way to the learner. They got "Try Again" and "End Course" button options. When they clicked "End Course" it recorded a correct answer for that slide (quiz question). Because two end points were acceptable, I set up the quiz to be a 2 question quiz requiring 50% to pass. Then, in order to keep my LMS from reading the 50% score, I simply left the "mastery" score blank. I imagine that would depend on what LMS you had.

I'm not exactly sure if it is possible to do something similar in Presenter, but I imagine you could do something similar!

Scott Wiley

I've used the single quiz question method before in both Presenter and Storyline, but you have to design that into your flowchart. In the example "Haji" course, it would have required bringing all the "acceptable" paths back to a single landing spot that had the quiz question and choice to score completion.