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Peter Anderson

Hi BB, welcome to Heroes!

Thanks for your input. While there's no setting to align the title text automatically in the FAQ interaction, I was able to use the space bar to move the title into a more centered position as a workaround. If you'd like to see an automatic alignment feature in the future, please don't hesitate to send us a feature request. Thanks!

BB Brittain

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Peter. I'm concerned that you are thinking about alignment side to side. I'm talking about up/down. If you look at the other title bars, the text is perfectly aligned--up/down. The title text is up to high in the box. My two guesses are: 1. Something get screwed up when modifying a file over time. 2. It was an oversight of whomever built the original page. Several of us think that the reason the alignment is off is due to reason number 2. This second reason is why several of us aren't just leaving a feature request--because it look like a mistake.

BB Brittain

Ah, I'm glad you see it. When you first mentioned emailing this group, I misunderstood your intent. Now I get that the development team would be the ones to fix it. (I provide training to end users for propriatety software. We're always telling them to send their ideas to the "some-day list." I hate this part of my job.

BTW, do you know if Articulate offers updates as they create fixes for Studio 09? I'm saving up for Storyline in the next 6 months or so.


Peter Anderson

I hear ya, BB As far as updates for Studio go, although we don't announce new updates or products before they are released, you can learn about them when they are released in the following ways:

1)  You can find current version info by clicking on your product here: 

2)  We email major upgrade announcements to the individual who purchased or registered the software. 

3)  Studio '09 products will automatically check for updates once per week and will notify you of available updates.

4)  You can also check for updates manually from within each Studio ’09 product.  Here's how:

   *  Presenter '09:  Articulate > Help and Support > Check for Updates

   *  Quizmaker '09:  Help > Check for Updates

   *  Engage '09:  Help > Check for Updates

   *  Video Encoder '09:  Help > Check for Updates

5)  We recommend subscribing to the Articulate Word of Mouth Blog (http://www.articulate.com/blog/subscribe/), where we announce product releases and updates. 

6)  You can also follow us on Twitter: http://www.articulate.com/community/twitter/

7)  You can also join our Facebook fan page:  http://www.facebook.com/Articulate