Tracking based on the results of multiple QM09 quizzes in AP09?

So, I have an AP09 course, in which I have embedded four separate QM09 quizzes. Each quiz consists of one question and they are spread throughout the larger AP course. With my course's current structure, I can't move all the questions into one QM quiz. I'm outputting to SCORM, and I see the tracking options are basically limited to (1) the number of slides viewed or (2) the results of a specific quiz. But I really need to ensure the learner has passed all of the quizzes. I realize you can use a combination of quiz properties and navigation restrictions to ensure they can't get to the last slide without completing each of the quizzes, but that seems like a hack at best.

I suppose another approach would be to move the entire course into QM, so that all the individual quiz questions technically would be part of the same quiz, but that just seems like a rather backwards solution that would require a lot of compromises and the loss of some key AP functionality. I'm hoping there's a better way.

I much prefer Storyline's ability to roll-up multiple quiz questions throughout the course into a results slide, and in fact, to roll-up multiple results slides into a result slide, which I can then use to track the activity. Short of redesigning my course in SL, Is there anything similar I can do with QM/AP09 in this respect?

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