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Jul 06, 2011

We have been asked to quickly produce a CD version of a lesson and track its results. This is to be a CD backup for a lesson that is currently running on our LMS. The CD will be provided to a minimal number of students who have not been able to successfully complete the lesson online after support could not get them through successfully.

Is there a suggested or best practice way to handle this request? Has anyone done this successfully?


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Oliver Stankovsky

Thank you Justin.

We have a support center and an LMS team that have not been able to identify any problem with our lessons. We have three lessons currently that need to be completed by nine thousand employees. 4,500 have already taken the lessons with 115 problem tickets being opened of which 85% have been successfully handled by the support center. Mostly by walking end users through downloads that update their computers at home. Nonetheless we have been charged with creating a backup CD that contains all three lessons and that allow every student to login when starting each lesson. Then upon completion we will need to generate documentation.

I am going to try and talk the powers that be into a different backup solution but until then we are trying to see if there is a feasible way of pulling off the original CD backup solution that we have been tasked with without opening up a very large can of worms. We were hoping that someone may have been down this road already that could provide a suggestion but don’t necessarily expect that to be the case.


Oliver Stankovsky


That will work for us. We are going to have the students who are experiencing the difficulties visit one of our domiciles and take the lessons on a designated machine using the CD backup if necessary. When they finish the assessment from the CD they will be instructed to summon the proctor who will then print the results for them and then instruct them to select the finish button to view the last frame of the lesson. This does appear to be the easiest solution and one that we can implement quickly.

Thank you,


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