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Joyce Hensen


I just got a new computer and I need to transfer Studio '09 and Storyline from the old to the new.  I'm finding two different sets of instructions.  The pots above says to deactiveate using the Articulate tab help menus.  But this one 

http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/8421/48415.aspx#48415 says to unistall.  Which is correct? 

I don't have admin rights on my machine, so I want to be sure that I give the correct instructions to my IT person.


Peter Anderson

Hi Joyce,

We recommend using the steps here (and that you linked to):

  1. Ensure that you’re connected to the Internet.
  2. Uninstall the software from your computer (Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs).
  3. Your registration will now be released from the original computer and you may install the software on the new computer by following the activation instructions sent via e-mail at the time of the original purchase. If you don’t have your activation e-mail, you may contact support for assistance.
Nick Strapp


I have a singe license for running Storyline from my main PC. However, due to domestic reasons I need to set up a temporary office for a few weeks. Can I effectively 'toggle' my use over that period between the two computers/offices through deactivating and activating?

PS. Storyline has transformed the effectiveness of e learning and presentations!

Peter Anderson

Welcome to the community, Nick!

When you purchase a Storyline license, the EULA allows for you to install Articulate software on two machines, such as a laptop and a desktop. It sounds like, if I'm understanding your situation correctly, that that would allow you to keep Storyline on your main PC while still allowing you to install and run it from your temporary office.

Lars Andel

I'd like to add to the discussion since at our department we need to get clarification about some things.

We have purchased approxiamatly 10 Articulate licenses. 2 of those we use on a shared desktop, with one license attached to it when each of our developers login howerver they need to enter the same license to activate it even though it's already been activated. Is this common procedure? We haven't received any error messages yet for this procedure.

Dave Goodman

We purchased three licenses and each is a single install on two desktops and one laptop. I need to place a copy on a telecommuters desktop at home. I though that I could do this since the two different machines are never used at the same time by anyone. I get a message that we have exceeded this license use. How can I find out who is using a license? We have a large number of contractors coming and going. If someone took one of our licenses, how can I determine this? I just deleted one copy so that the telecommuter can get started on a project. Thanks.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi David,

Each license can be used on two machines. So, for example, you could use one on a desktop and another on a laptop. However, each user on a machine will need their own license to use the software for their user account, and this needs to be activated by an administrator. You may have already read this information above, but I just wanted to "echo" what Pete said. 

If you need us to take a closer look at what's happening with the licenses, please go ahead and submit a support case. 

Articulate Support - Submit a Support Case

Hopefully we'll be able to shed some light on what's happening.