Transition of content to Presenter '13

Hello!  I just tried to open a presentation in Presenter '13 that was originally created in the '09 version.  Before doing any work on the presentation, I downloaded and installed the '13 update.  I opened the presentation, clicked on the Articulate tab, and tried to update the quiz in the presentation.  When I click on the icon to insert a quizmaker quiz, absolutely nothing happens.  The same is true when I try to publish the content.  How do I get my presentations to work correctly again?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tammy,

It sounds like the Articulate ribbon has stopped working, and if that's the case you'll want to follow the troubleshooting steps outline here first, and if that doesn't solve the issue I'd suggest next reviewing the steps outlined here . As a final step, I'd suggest repairing the Studio software in the even that something happened during the update installation.