Translating presentation to French - Quiz buttons not translated

We translated a presentation I made into French. This is the first time I've tried to do a translation. I have been able to import all the translated interactions and quizzes. I also changed the player settings to French so the Prev/Next buttons are labeled properly.

But when I previewed, the quiz response popups were not translated. The quiz question and the responses were all in French. But when I selected and response and clicked Submit (Envoyer), the popup said "That's right. You selected the correct response." The incorrect popup was also still English.

I went back to the Player settings and changed it from English and back to French. The incorrect response popup is now in French, but I can't get the Correct one to translate, even though it shows in French in the Player Properties/Text Labels settings.

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Christopher,

That sounds like an unusual situation if you're seeing it in French in the player, but it's not appearing as such. Could you have manually changed it on that particular layer's feedback in Quizmaker and therefore it's not relying on the player text labels? Can you also confirm that you're working on project files as described here? 

Christopher Borum

All I changed was the Player Properties setting for Text Labels to be French instead of English. The first attached image shows that setting with both response fields in French.

The second and third attachments show the popups for correct and in correct responses in Preview mode.

I didn't do anything in Quizmaker other than change the font color. The final attachment shows the Feedback Layer for Incorrect. It's still English. I know I can change it here to be French, but I shouldn't have to, right?

I'm running everything out of the same folder in my C: drive.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Christopher for the images. Instead of changing the ones you showed in your first image, look at changing #s 8, 9, 20. Also are you only changing them in presenter or have you also tried changing them in Quizmaker first?   If you're still having difficulty could you share the Presenter package you're working on. 

Christopher Borum

I didn't realize initially that I had to set the language in Presenter AND Quizmaker AND Engage. Now that I've done that everything is in French. I will say, however, that the Correct/Incorrect popups, now translated via the Player settings in Quizmaker, are the same as the text in rows 111 and 120 in the Presenter player settings. Which makes me wonder what those two rows correlate to, if not the quiz popups.