Trouble with IE9???

Nov 04, 2011

We've been trying to duplicate a user problem with a SCORM course (many user's actually) and it turns out that we can only duplicate the issue in IE9. This is what happens - the user takes the course, passes the final quiz, exits the course. The status that is sent to the LMS is set to incomplete (we have tracking turned on to see the status codes). When the user resumes the course, she is prompted to resume from where left off - answers yes, and is then routed to the first slide again - with no navigation showing on the left.

If the course is run in Chrome or Firefox, the status sent to the LMS is complete and there is no further issue. All resume functions work properly, etc.

Sorry for the long post...but just wondering if anyone else has had this type of issue - and/or how did you resolve it? Thanks!

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Bambi Snodgrass

No, Flash 11 has not fixed the problem.

The issue here is this: when any Articulate course (even old courses) are completed using IE9, Articulate is sending back "cmi.completion_status","incomplete". This value is not being misinterpreted by the LMS - it just isn't being set properly. When the course is completed using any other browser, Articulate sends back "cmi.completion_status","completed" - which is correct.

Another weird thing with IE9 - if the user resumes training and is prompted to resume from where they left off, no navigation is available on in the navigation pane - it is totally blank. And the user is sent back to the beginning of the course, no matter where they left off.

These issues are only happening with Articulate courses, not Captivate or Camtasia. If you need screenshots of the values being communicated back to the LMS, I can get that information as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Peter Anderson

Hi Dave and Bambi,

Have either of you been able to replicate the issue in SCORM Test Track? Be sure to take a look at testing your content in the SCORM Test Track as noted in this link. If the content works as expected in the SCORM Test Track, then that means there's something on the LMS side that is causing the problem. Give it a shot and let us know what you come back with. 

Thanks, and good luck!

Bambi Snodgrass

hmmm, I loaded up a course in the Scorm Cloud and was not able to replicate the exact behavior.  That being said, I'm not sure that that means it is an LMS issue - since the LMS tracks the course using other browsers, and SCORM content produced with other tools works with IE9. I think it would be more logical that the issue lies with IE9...somehow it is interfering with the communication between the SCORM course and the LMS (especially since I can see the cmi.completion_status values when the course is completed in any browser). Is there something about the SCORM Cloud that ensures that it is an LMS issue? If so, what type of error would it be?

Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll keep you posted if I find out anything else.

Bambi Snodgrass

Here is a workaround that works - look at the post by Stefano...apparently it was able to be duplicated at some point.

By changing the player template and causing the course to launch in a new window, the finish button now works. Resuming the course works fine as well. Hope this helps - and I hope the issue is addressed in the future so launching in  a new window isn't required.

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