Trouble with Publishing a Course Translated in Hindi

I have several courses that need to be translated to Hindi.

I decided to run a test file (with PPT slides, an Engage activity, and a quiz)  to see what types of problems I might encounter (a lesson learned from the Chinese translation).

I am cutting the test text translations directly from Google translator, which is producing a Unicode font. I am using Arial Unicode MS in PowerPoint, Engage, and the Quiz Player and I am still having trouble publishing.

The following issues are occuring:

  • The text is jumbling up in Engage so that it is not legible,
  • Hind text that appears fine while producing, but produces something completely different when publishing, and
  • The publisher hangs up and eventually stops working. And everytime it stops it duplicates the text box located on the slide that it hangs up on.

I am not sure if I am doing something in the design to cause the problem  or if the software simply can't handle the Hindi script.

Does anyone have any ideas??? Please Help!!

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