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Oct 31, 2012

I would like to use a sound effect (wav file)  in a slide.  The learner would click on an object to trigger the sound effect.  It does not work.  I then tried staging it where the learner clicks on a graphic, it advances to the next slide for the sound effect to launch - yet now the sound byte only screeches for a few seconds.  During PPT Slide Show, it works beautifully, but not in Articulate.  Thanks for your help!

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Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Charlene! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I can see how that would be a concern with a project. However, there are a few things we can check to ensure your sound file plays properly when a user clicks the button.

First, you'll want to check the trigger for the sound effect. Make sure that it's set to advance when the audio completes. Also, if you are using the sound for multiple triggers, you'll want to add it as a separate object.

I found a very helpful tutorial that may resolve this problem for you. This is the original tutorial.

Here's a video that walks you through the process and also explains why it's best to add multiple instances of an audio file as a separate object.

  1. Click the “Create a new trigger” button (looks like a blank piece of paper) in the Triggers panel.
  2. Assign the following properties to the trigger:
    • Action: Play media
    • Media: Select Sound from file, and then browse to the audio file you want to use.
    • When: User clicks
    • Object: Select the name of your button.
  3. Click OK.

If you want your button to perform another action in addition to playing a sound effect, such as jumping to a different slide or displaying a lightbox, perform the steps above to add the sound effect. Then create a second trigger to perform a different action when the sound effect completes. Here’s how:

  1. Click the “Create a new trigger” button (looks like a blank piece of paper) in the Triggers panel.
  2. Assign the following properties to the trigger:
    • Action: Select the action you want to perform, such as Jump to slide or Show layer.
    • Depending on the action you chose, define the action, such as the destination slide number or the name of the layer that you want to show.
    • When: Media completes.
    • Object: Select the name of audio file you imported for the sound effect.
  3. Click OK.

Note: If you want to add the same sound effect to more than one button on the same slide, you'll need to import the same sound file for each button.

Take a look at the tutorial and video above. If you're still having problems with the audio file, please let us know!

Have a great day,


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Charlene!

Thanks for getting back to me. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. When you mentioned triggers, I automatically thought of Storyline. 

Unfortunately, Presenter doesn't support sound as an "on click" effect. You can see a list of actions that are supported and not supported in this article.

Action Settings Not Supported

  • Hyperlink to Last Slide Viewed.
  • Hyperlink to End Show.
  • Hyperlink to Other PowerPoint presentation...
  • Hyperlink to Other File...
  • Run program.
  • Run macro.
  • Object action.
  • Play sound.
  • Highlight click.
  • Any action on Mouse Over.

However, there is a work around for this. You can simulate on click triggers using Articulate Presenter.

There's a very helpful tutorial that will walk you through simulating the effect you want to create on buttons.

Take a look at the tutorial and let me know if this helps!



Neil L

Hello -

I currently have AS '13 and having the same problem as Charlene.  I tried to click the link above and it is no longer available.  I know this forum is three years old but I'm wondering if anyone has the work around to adding a "click" sound effect in presenter.  

In PPT 13, there is an "action" icon in the ribbon that allows a sound to be played.  This only work in PPT presentation mode and not when previewing in Presenter.  Hyperlinking works in Presenter when action is created in PPT but not the sound.  

Hopefully, there is a work around out there. 

Thanks NL

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