Trying to add file attachments links to Presenter with Engage

Nov 21, 2012


I am trying to add file attachments to a presentation in Presenter using the Engage tab.  I have done this before successfully, but it was months ago.  Now when I have re-visited my presentation the links in Articulate don't seem to open, even though the files are attached.  Obviously I am doing something wrong.

The video below may ive you a better idea of what my problem is

Any thoughts?

Greg WIlliams

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Greg,

Thanks for the video! The first thing you might want to check is the playback mode. If your Engage interaction is published in Presentation playback mode, you won't be able to interact with the links within your interaction. 

For more information, take a look a this knowledge base article

Also, it's a little difficult to tell in your video, but it looks like the PDF you opened is linking to a local file. Is the presentation published?

Thanks Greg!

Marvie Mulder

Hi Greg,

The link to the attachment file might be broken. Open your Engage interaction and double check the hyperlinks and make sure that it points to the correct location and file (which supposed to point to data/Downloads/[filename]). Please see the article below to review how you can hyperlink text (or an object) to a Presenter attachment. This was done in Powerpoint, but this should also work for Engage.

Hope this helps!

Greg Williams

Hi Christine and Marvie,

What you suggested works!  Thanks so much.  I love the actual Articulate software, but the support and help I get from the eLearning Heros and the user community is fantastic!

This is probably a Chrome issue, but how to I get Chrome to open up the attachments in a separate window, so I don't leave my course?  I've looked in the Chrome settings, but I can't seems to find anything to help.

Thanks again


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Greg,

That's great! I'm very happy to hear the links are working for you now. 

What happens when you try to open the links in Google Chrome? Do they actually load in the same page, or is there a pop-up blocked notification?

By default, the hyperlinks should open your documents in a new window. Take a look at this tutorial for more information on setting up Engage hyperlinks. 

Christine Hendrickson

Alright, I've tested this just to make sure that it defaults to a new window in Chrome. It seems that it does.

Please keep in mind this is just my test file, so it's not fancy. But that link on the first section should open in a new window.

Are you viewing your content locally, or is it published to a server? If you publish for the web and open it locally, it may not launch in a new window. 

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