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Sep 22, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I would like to create the effect on a PowerPoint slide of turning a page to reveal some information.  Not like the Flipbook interaction, but rather I'm visualizing the cover of a manual and then having the effect of turing the cover to reveal some information.   I imagine this can be done creatively using a couple of shapes with exit animations and/or motion paths, I'm just not feeling the creative juices at the moment.  Any innovative ideas would be appreciated.   Thanks!. 

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Matt Coates

Thanks, Brian, I appreciate the feedback.  The Page Curl is in the right direction.  I was looking for a way to simulate the whole step of peeling back a page, or the cover of a manual, to reveal additional content.  I'll try starting with the page curl effect and see if I can grow and stagger it for a whole page.

Thanks again.

Matt Coates

Hi Deirdre,

The file is not a screener link, but rather a link to a PowerPoint file.  Try this:

1) Click on the link and choose Save

2) Change the .zip extension to: .ppt

3) Change the "save as type" to: all files

4) Choose a destination to save the file and click the Save button

You should then be able to open the file properly.


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