Twitter Widget as a Web Object not Working in IE

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue getting my Twitter widget, inserted as a Web Object, to display in IE.  Seems to work fine in Safari, Chrome, FireFox - both Mac and PC.  See screen caps (appears is Safari, blank is IE 9).

I have done other projects and inserted web objects fine (a CP module and another Articulate module).

I followed Jeanette's screenr for inserting. 

Any ideas?  Would really appreciate any suggestions.



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Steve Blane

Thanks for the reply on a holiday Justin!  Turns out it wasn't so much an IE 9 issue (it was all versions of IE).  When I investigated more I discovered I couldn't read the source URLs in IE so it wasn't an Articulate issue at all - I accidentally deleted some HTML code when creating the HTML pages in DW.  When copying and pasting into the same page and then renaming kept the error on all pages.

Jennifer Huggins

Hello!  I would like to try to use twitter in one of my courses and followed this tutorial but the website is no longer working.  Can someone help?  I would love to be able to try this!  Thanks    - this is the tutorial I was trying....