Unable to acquire LMS API

I have an issue when trying to launch my course from my LMS ... my client has asked me to get rid of the toolbars in IE8 and in order to do this I am pointing to a html page that then loads the index_lms.html page in a new window with everything turned off and then the loader page closes itself,  has anyone tried this before? it's almost like my communication to the SCORM API is being done through the initial windoe that is launched from the link in the LMS and then when I close it it loses communication.

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Star Dusk


see this section:

3. Don’t launch the player in a new window.
If your LMS opens courses in a separate window, you’ll need to disable the Launch player in new window option in the player template for your course. Otherwise, your course content won’t be able to communicate with your LMS and won’t work as expected.