Unable to edit an Articulate presentation created by someone else


Very new to Articulate! I and a colleague are trying to edit an Articulate presentation done by someone else and transferred from their computer to ours via memorystick. We don't seem to be able to edit it despite have all the licences. Is this usual and is there a work around? All advice welcome!


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Annie Jean

Hi Suzannah,

Welcome to the forum. As I understand, you are trying to edit a presentation made by a colleague for Presenter... If I understand well what you are trying to do, you should be trying to edit the PowerPoint file and then, publish using Articulate (included in PPT). Is it what you are trying? You cannot edit the publish output from Presenter, you really need to edit the ppt file to REpublish.

Is it helping? Don't mind asking for more info if you need it.

Have a nice day!