unable to open quiz in articulate to edit

I have articulate file with engage and quizmaker slides.  When I try to open a quiz for editing by clicking "edit in quizmaker" i get the following message "unable to open the selected quiz for editing. if this quiz is already open in Articulate Quizmaker then please close it and then retry."  

The quiz is not open in Quizmaker.  I have no other applications running.  

please help.

Cindy LeMasters

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Cindy. The first thing I always check is to make sure everything is saved locally to your C: drive.

Next, can you open the .quiz file outside of Presenter? You can open Quizmaker and browse to that file to open and edit.

If you're able to open and edit in Quizmaker, I would recommend removing the quiz from your PowerPoint presentation and adding it back in to reestablish the link between the two.

Let me know how that works!