unable to run Articulate products "flashplayer 10 or higher needed to run Articulate 13" error messsage

I cannot run any of the products in Articulate Studio 13. They are all haulting on launch with a message that says "flashplayer 10 or higher needed to run Articulate 13". It provides the option to download the correct flash player. I have done that several times. I have uninstalled and re-installed the entire Articulate Studio suite. Storyline appears to run. I was even able to transfer the powerpoint slides from the project I am collaborating with into storyline. But when I tried to transfer the engage and quizzmaker elements the error message returned and I was not able to do so.   This message comes up every time I launch PowerPoint. But i can click past it and use the PowerPoint , but not Articulate. How do I get past this? Please Help!

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Alicia Spillman

I ran the update with Build 5 of Articulate Presenter Studio and all of the products in the suite seem to be working. I am no longer getting the message about flash Player 10. Storyline still can't read the Engage file that was already built. But I will go to the Storyline forum for that.