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Sep 23, 2014

i remember this posted several years ago, but there was not a solution then.

Is it possible to "unlock" a presentation after a user completes the course? This is different than setting to restricted, having the user resume where they left off, then jumping around.

once it is indicated as "complete" in the lms, a variable in the presentation changes to "free" instead of restricted.

Any thoughts?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom!

Sorry that your question was not addressed.

There is not a built in way to do this as changing the navigation would deem a republish.

It sounds as if you are already aware of the option to allow the user to view the slides they have already visited and set the resume behavior

I was assuming that you were looking for community feedback on this, and I am not sure that I've seen anyone accomplish this.

Tom Dorsey


lets use the following -

  • a course is set to always resume
  • the course has 20 slides
  • a user takes the course up to slide 15 then exits
  • the next time the user comes back to the site, the user resumes and is placed at slide 15, however, they want to review slides 1-5, so they jump back
  • after review slide 5, the user exits the course again.
  • when they return again, they will be placed slide 5.

Will they be allowed to jump back to slide 15? or, will they be forced to watch slides 5-15 again.



Andrea Gomez

I have a similar situation to what Tom described 3 years ago. I hope there is a solution or work around this.

Users complete the training in the LMS (viewing all the slides) and the status of the course changes to "completed" which is good. But if they want to revisit the course, they have to do all over again, the menu is not free to navigate through the slides.

The course has the following settings:

> The prompt to resume course is enabled.

> The menu is configured as restricted.

any suggestions?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrea,

There isn't a feature in Presenter to change how the player will behave after a course has met the completion requirement. 

If you're using the Restricted setting with the Resume that should allow the user to return to slides they already viewed:

  • Restricted: This means learners can view the current slide and any slide they previously viewed, but they can't use the menu to jump ahead or skip over slides.

Can you tell us what version of Presenter you're using? Also will you double check that you're not using the "Locked" navigation or that users aren't selecting "No" to the Resume prompt?

Andre Chatelain

I have the same problem with Storline 360. I've set navigation to Restricted and when the learner completes the course, closes it and re-opens it, the navigation and menu are locked down as if the learner hasn't taken the course. It appears to be working on SCORM Cloud but not on the Torch and Cornerstone LMSs.

I've tried setting completion based-on a quiz, number of pages completed, pass/fail, pass/complete etc., and changed the Configuration.js variable to REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = true.

Is there a variable I can set at the beginning of the course that will change the course to Free if it has been completed?

Thank you for your help,


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andre, thanks for including your file here!

It looks like you're already using the "Prompt to Resume" setting, so everything checks out there.

In SCORM Cloud, when clicking "Yes" on the prompt to resume, are you able to navigate freely on the previously viewed slides?

If everything is working in SCORM Cloud, but not in your LMS, I would reach out to your LMS administrator for extra help. They'll best know how to troubleshoot LMS-specific issues. 

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