Unlocking the Code?

Happy Monday Community,

I am building a CBT with a topic called The Smart Send. The challenge is that each letter of the word SMART and SEND is a guideline for writing careful corporate email. For example -

S = Stick to the Facts

M = Make it Clear

A = Avoid....etc.

SO, I am wondering what the best way to teach this content is - my 2 ideas so far are not very creative and the content is already really dry...

1. A click to learn table with the letters across the top and principals going down a la Jeopardy?

2. A linear, animated Articulate interaction with the words, then the letters and their principals and then the words again, or an Engage click to learn?

I have a very vague thought about jumbling the letters of the two words and a having character or 2  put them in the correct order and/or decode them, but do not know how to translate this into an engaging and memorable interaction....

My client is very very high tech, so scientists in labs might work....or unlocking a puzzle like DNA...

What do YOU all think? 

I can't wait to hear your thoughts. I love this community/resource so much that I said that on Facebook very recently...

Kendra Haddock

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