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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve and welcome to Heroes!

Having the text appear cut off as in your image was a known issue within Presenter 09 (and Storyline) related to the DPI settings not being set to DPI 96. This article describes how to change your DPI . If you're still having difficulty after that, can you connect with our Support team so that we can troubleshoot with you directly? 

Steve Rogers

Hi Ashley,

Many thanks for the reply. My DPI is set at 96DPI and i'm still having issues. Strangely the text is fine when played back through an Ipad but the resume presentation box is blank with no text which is the same when being played back through the desktop.

I'll contact the support team to see if there is a solution.

Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Steve, 

Just an additional thought after hearing from another team member - they thought it looked like there may be some corruption within the Articulate font. You could confirm this by changing the player font to something other thanArticulate via Player Properties in Presenter and re-publishing. If that works, then can you reboot your system to see if the Articulate font becomes usable? If it is still not usable, you may need to uninstall and then reinstall Studio ’13.