Unwanted text shadows

Oct 18, 2011

I'm having trouble finding the source of some unwanted text shadows. They only appear after publishing. 

The attached screenshot shows what is happening. The shadows appear as the text is animated...it's as if the text is there twice or something...but I can't find the cause of it and can't get rid of it. 

Any suggestions? 



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David Burton


There is a known issue where converting a text box to a Smart Art object and then Ungrouped, will double the text when Previewed or Published. There are two work arounds to this issue.

Method 1:

1. Right-click the shape and select 'Format Shape...'
2. From the 3-D Rotation Tab add a .1 degree rotation to the Z-axis.

Method 2:

1. Rebuild the shape and text without converting to a SmartArt Object.

I hope this helps!

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