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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeffrey!

Glad to hear that you got this corrected and thanks for the update.

Unfortunately, this is not something that happens every time, with every user, and is hard to track as it is usually dependent on the end users set up, etc. That being said, since we do not know the cause in your instance, it would be hard to tell you how to avoid

Anna Groebe

Hi Jeffrey,

I've had this happen, too. I'm not sure what makes the update affect the ribbon that way, but in the past I've gone to uninstall/change programs in Programs and Features in my control panel, selected 'Change,' and clicked the 'Repair' option, and that usually resolves the problem for me. I wonder if there's a small glitch that can happen every so often when the program is updating. Not sure if you can avoid it, but it seems like it's usually an easy fix .

Jeffrey Dalto


Hey, I THINK this issue is not currently a problem for me.

In my job, I sometimes go long periods without being able/having to use Articulate, and that happened recently (although I've got a reason to be doing it now).

But currently, no problem. If I DO run into a problem, I'll let you know.



Jeffrey Dalto

Oh, OK, thanks Christie.

I don't mind if person know where I work or what my work phone/email is, but on the flip side I don't want to look like an embarrassing newbie in a public forum, right?

So I deleted it. I'll go "the long road" in the future and will type my replies online.

Anyway, no problems now and hopefully that's true for the future. I began using Replay for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it for a specific need, primarily because it's so simple (minus the big bug about not capturing video if you record if full-screen mode--that took me a while to ferret out).