Updating a frame, but not the whole presentation?

When you have a small update to a frame in Articulate Presenter, is there a way to just publish out that single frame, and then replace the .swf file?

I've had 70+ slide presentations and need to only capitalize something on screen etc.  Currently I'm going through the pain of re-publishing the entire presentation, which can take a LONG time!  Can I just publish a selected frame/slide and replace it?

I don't have Flash, so this would be strictly done in the published file structure.

Thanks in advance!


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Brian Batt

Hi Heather,

Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to publish a single slide in Presenter.  However, there's a workaround number in the link below:


Keep in mind that the workaround is not supported and we cannot guarantee that it won't impact the rest of your presentation.