Updating course content on our LMS

We use Articulate for our courses, and we have run into an issue recently when we need to update course content. For reference our LMS is Oracle Taleo Learn (previously Learn.com)

Previously, when we were on Articulate Studio 09, we could simply republish, update the course files on FTP, and move on. Anyone who accessed the course after that point (even if they had previously started the course) received the updated version.

We recently upgraded to Articulate 13. Now when we update a course, using the same process, users experience several issues such as courses not loading properly, courses not being marked complete, etc.

Is anyone aware of a setting in Articulate or the LMS that would allow us to easily update course content? We're trying to avoid having to republish and import as a new course every time.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Charles!

You may find that your Articulate Studio '13 content doesn't update as expected in the following scenario:
*  You're hosting content on a web server or LMS.
*  You republish the content and overwrite the existing files on the web server or LMS.
This is due to file caching. See the following article for solutions.