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Apr 04, 2012

Hi everyone . . . Just ran another little Articulate Presenter quirk that has caused me some grief (C'mon Storyline!!!).

I created a course, then created additional courses that were variations of the first course. As the original course was my baseline, I created the new courses by copying the old course files into a new folder, then modifying the duplicate files (Powerpoint slides, Quizzes and Engage interactions)  to create the new course. So I ended up with three courses based on one original presentation.

Each of these courses contained a quiz, however the quiz was slightly different for each course. So I made the changes by editing the Quizmaker file in the new course. I did this by clicking the editing link from the placeholder slide. Because I had created a duplicate of the Quizmaker file, I assumed my changes only affected that particular copy of the Quizmaker slide.

However, when I went back to the other course and did a preview or publish, lo and behold, the Quiz that came up was the modified quiz from the OTHER course. I didn't think this would happen, since I had a separate Quizmaker file for each course, although they are duplicates of each other but stored in different folders.

Sorry of this is getting confusing . . . 

Bottom line, I'm assuming this  occured because I had the "Update Quizzes and Interactions" enabled in the Presentation Options. Even though I thought each course was linked to its own separate quiz file, in fact this option kept updating the quiz to another version. I don't want this to happen, so I'm assuming if I disable that option, that will stop the auto updates from happening. Correct? Should I also go and rename all the Quizmaker and Engage files in each course to ensure they remain independent of each other?

If anyone has insight on this, it would be greatly appreciated!



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Justin Wilcox

Hi Paul.

A simpler way to create more than one version of the same presentation would be to use the Articulate Package to create a backup of your original presentation. After doing that simply unzip the presentation to a new location on your computer and then work with that presentation for the new version. Since the base presentation is in the zip file, you can unzip it multiple times to create as many versions as you want.

What's nice about that method is that each folder containing your project will have their own versions of your quizzes and interactions that you can update and it won't impact any other versions of your presentation.

Dave Neuweiler

Hi Paul, I ran into a similar problem a few years back.

The key is to make sure that you break the internal links between the old productions and the new. The way I settled on doing this -- which works, but there may be other methods -- is to copy the PPT, Engage interations and Quizmaker files that you want to use to a new directory. At this point, you can change the file names for the interactions and quizzes. Then, using the Articulate ribbon, delete the old ones from the presentation and then reinsert them, making sure that you're pointing to the NEW ones.

Hope that helps!

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