Upgrade a project from 09 to 13

Feb 19, 2014


When I upgrade an Articulate Studio 09 project to 13, the interactions and quizzes don't open automatically anymore from within the Powerpoint slide placeholder. When I click the button 'Edit in Quizmaker' or 'Edit in Engage', the button is selected as an object, but nor Quizmaker or Engage are opening.

It's the first time I upgrade a project, so maybe there is a specific way of working to upgrade a project?

At first sight, the published files seem to work ok, but I have also noticed sound level issues after upgrading a project.



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Christophe Breemersch

Hi Leslie,

All my files are stored locally.

I have just installed Update 2 of Studio '13, but the problem remains. 

My workflow:

(I start from an existing Studio '09 project)

1. Open the ppt-file

2. Go to a slide with Engage - placeholder

3. Click on Edit in Engage

4. I'm asked to update the entire project to the new version (Studio '13). I accept.

5. Click on Edit in Engage -> the first time I see a quick pop-up window that disappears in a second and then Engage doesn't open.When I click the button again, it is selected as an object.

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