Upgrading to 9

Hi.  My company is considering upgrading from Articulate 5 to 9 after I've made movies a lot easier and better with the trial version of 9.  My question is, though, will the full version be just the same as the trial version?  I know this is probably a silly question, but I'd hate to recommend upgrading and then we get it and I can't do as much with it as I can with the trial version.  Is all the software the same no matter what package I choose, like Studio or Pro?  We just need Presenter and Quizmaker, I think, because I make the swf movies in Flash.  So if I get just those two (Studio package for $500), will it work the same as the Articulate Trial version I downloaded?

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Sarah Schenone

Hi Tammy,

The trial version is fully-functioning, so anything you can do with the trial, you can do with a purchased license.

Yes, the Presenter, Quizmaker and Video Encoder products included in both the Rapid E-Learning Studio '09 Pro and Standard are the same (and the same as the standalone products). The Engage included in the Pro version is the same as the standalone Engage.

You are correct regarding your choice of products, if you only need Presenter and Quizmaker and are an existing user of both, the cost to upgrade to the Rapid E-Learning Studio '09 Standard is $499.00.

I hope that helps.