Upgrading to Office 2013 (Office 365)

I am considering upgrading Office from 2010 to 2013 (Office 365) and would like some input.  I am assuming that I would have to "deactivate" Presenter before removing Office 2010 from computer.  What about the other parts of Studio such as Quizmaker, Engage, etc.  Is there separate deactivation for them???

Is there a "how to" located on the website someplace? 

One other questions, has anyone ever done this and can they please share their experience? 

Thank you,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter!

I do not believe we have a step-by-step in this context, but this solution does go through all the steps when an uninstall/re-install has to be done with Office, so it would be a great guide as well.

Be sure that you are utilizing a local install of Office 365 as the online only version will not work as expected.

As for feedback, I hope the community pops in to assist you :)


Peter Moyer


Only you so far...  What I was concerned with was the "Deactivate Articulate Presenter" choice in the Help and Support tab.  I am aware that some programs, such a Adobe Acrobat, require you to deactivate the installation prior to re-installing on a different computer. 

Is this true with Presenter???



Scott Lindstrom

Hey Peter, I've been working with Office 365 (local version) for a couple months now. I'm using Storyline 1 and Studio 13. Works great with both products with one exception. 

In Studio 13, I'll set up my player the way I want it, menu options, corporate logo, and custom color scheme, etc. Good right? Well, lately when I open the file the next day, it's all gone! It only takes a couple minutes to reset everything but it's a pain. It's also why I'm trying to search for a solution here!

One minor personal nit, I love flat design but not on the applications when your working in both Office 365 & Articulate products. Pain in the rear to see things when they are all washed out. :-(