Uploading Articulate Studio 13 files to SharePoint 365 site

I am struggling but this forum is always so helpful that I am hoping someone can assist me.  We are moving our training access solution from a WordPress site to a SharePoint site. I have successfully uploaded my published zip files using Open with Explorer to the Articulate library set up for me, but they won't play zipped. When I attempt to unzip them on SharePoint, I get an error.

Then I tried to unzip them on my desktop and then move the files/folders in small groups to the site but the .swf files give me an error and will not transfer.

Does anyone know the secret to this puzzle?  My web searches for a solution have proved unsuccessful, our SharePoint site admin isn't familiar with how Articulate file structure works and my deadline for completing my file transfer prior to the the new site launch is looming. Thanks in advance!

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