Urgent!!! Cannot view published course


When trying to view my published course, I get a Java Script error: Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation. I've worked with my tech support for hours on this issue to no avail.  We've changed the global settings, but this did not work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to show a preview of the course to the SMEs tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

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David Anderson

Hi Marsha,

I think we can help since this is a common Flash issue.

How will you show your course to your SME? Will it be published to a web server or will your SME open the files locally from the desktop?

The Flash error is related to Flash security settings on your desktop. If you want to resolve the security issues, you can follow these steps listed on Adobe's site:

1) Flash security settings

2) Click Edit Locations > Add Location

3) Click Browse for Folder

4) Select the folder you want to use for your published course

If you're publishing your course to a web site or server, you don't need to worry about modifying the settings since the error you're seeing will only appear when you run from your local computer and not a web server.

Let me know how you plan on sharing your files and we'll help you resolve this.

Marsha Rivera

Hi Dave,

I republished the course thinking that  something may have gone awry during publishing. I've also tried your suggestion again about the Flash security settings, but it still does not work from my desktop.  Tech support also cannot get the file to work when they changed the security settings.

I've attached the file for your review.  Maybe you can shed some light on what is happening.

Thanks in advance.