URGENT: Embedded videos not working when publishing for web

Hi, in the past when publishing for LMS I've inserted mp4 videos into slides using the ARTICULATE tab - and everything works fine.

Now I'm publishing for the web (html5). When I do it my usual way, the video plays fine in the preview mode. But once I publish it, the screen capture video appears as merely a squished image. And then when I open the PPT file, the video looks squished as well (see screenshot). 

Should I just insert it right into the PPT slide, like I do for live presentations without Articulate? Or is there something else I'm doing wrong.  

Gotta have this feature for a course that I have to push live tomorrow. 

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Michael Smart

Hi guys - I don't know what the expected response time is but I'm asking for a one-time exception. You can postpone answering my other post from today, this is the one that is mission-critical for the course going live tomorrow. I've hunted around the knowledge base and community for tips on this and keep coming up empty. Thanks for any help you can offer!

Michael Smart

Thanks Leslie. I just delivered the video as a link outside the player for now. 

Here's the package - in addition to the video not working, the Quizmaker Quiz isn't working, either. 

Oddly, the elapsed time IS showing, which was missing before. I don't know what's different.

I'm running the most current update of Studio on a PC, with Chrome, publishing to the web.

One variable - my PPT and PPTA files are saved to Google Drive (the professional version) and my assistant publishes them from there. I had her create this package on her machine.