URL links failing periodically

I have three training courses on an internal website for employees to use for annual training purposes. After passing the final quiz, they click a "finish" button to go to a survey, where they can enter their name to show they successfully completed the training.

The problem is that in some cases, the user clicks on the "finish" button and goes nowhere. The link is correct. I checked my original files and the "Finish" button should get them to the URL for the survey.  Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Several people recently experienced the unlinked "Finish" button  and yet  I see that several were able to get through to the survey today..

Has this happened to anyone else?

I don't know what to do to correct this. If I republish and re-post the courses and it works, what's to say it won't stop again. I really need to know why this is happening.

Thanks for any help or ideas!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jon,

If it's not happening all the time, and only happening for some learners, it may be something specific to the system or web browser they're using - possibly even browser settings.

Do you know if the learners having this problem have anything in common (same web browser and/or version, etc.)?

Are you able to reproduce this on your end as well?

If so, are you able to test the project outside of your current LMS or internal site? If not, you might want to try testing in  SCORM Cloud.

If you're using AICC content please take a look at the article below for testing information:

For Studio 13 content: Articulate Support - Testing Studio '13 AICC content at SCORM Cloud

For Studio 09 content: How to Test Studio 09 AICC Content in SCORM Cloud

Let me know if you're able to share any additional details, or see any improvement.