User interactivity using Presenter

I am working on a Articulate-based course at the end of which users will be asked to jot down two learnings/takeaways instead of usual summary screen in a course. For that, I plan to add a notepage on the screen and an instruction asking users to jot down their learning. However, I am not sure if something like this can be achieved using Articulate.

Has anyone tried something like this in Articulate? Please share your thoughts.

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Schweta - that's a cool idea for a course!

One way to accomplish this would be to use Quizmaker. Which sounds kind of weird because you aren't building a quiz however... Quizmaker includes an unscored (survey) question called Essay, which would be a great fit for what you want to do. If you insert the quiz at the end of your course, and you include a Print button on the result slide, then users would be able to print the "takeaways" text that they wrote, and then click the close button to finish the course and close their browser window. You could also modify the quiz player so that it doesn't look quizzy - and maybe even make the PowerPoint slide master show through behind it for a really seamless look.

I should mention that the Print button by default gives them sort of a sterile-looking output, because it's meant to report the results of a quiz or survey, but you could certainly modify the report.html to make it look different if you want.

Jeanette Brooks

Hello Shweta - yes, if you create the Essay question in Quizmaker, you can then follow it with a result slide which contains a Print button. You can also customize the look of the result slide so that it doesn't appear to be giving quiz/survey results, but is rather just a general "thanks for completing the course" type of message.

Check out this sample.