Using a flv file and swf file in same slide

Apr 07, 2011

Hi..I am really struggling trying to get the following scenario to work: I have created an swf file which contains graphics, text and is linked to an external flv file(walking/talking video of person.) Once brought into Presenter it seems that I cannot have both the flv and swf be on the same slide. It only wants to allow me one or the other. Is this is limitation of Presenter or do I need to import these files differently. Any help would be so appreciated--my brain is bleeding

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Phil Mayor

Hi Karen

Only on swf or flv per slide, sorry.

You can put a swf or flv into the sidebar as well as on the slide.  and you can also swap out the background of the slide for a swf post publish.

Otherwise only one swf or flv, you could also try inserting one as a web object.

Or the other thing you could try is building a flv player into your swf and then hosting the flv on the internet and pointing the player at the fv url


Rob Nachum

We run streaming video in the logopanel totally separately from the slide. Our clever player can run streaming, progressive download or local player.

Plus it can fully synchronise in all of the above situations. This means you could then run SWF on slide, a further video in the side panel as well as the video in the logopanel.

Msg me if you'd like to see an example of what we do.



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