Using ArtAPI Commands - Flash to Articulate Presenter 13

Hello all... first time visitor here.

I am primarily a Flash developer and responsible for building advanced interactions for web-based training products. The agency I work for has started using Presenter to develop and package e-learning.

I developed a Flash interaction for one of my instructional designers; their intent was for the user to do the interaction before continuing on to the next slide of the presentation. They wanted to turn off the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons on the slide in question and use a NEXT button incorporated into the Flash interaction.

I added a NEXT button into the interaction, and set it up so that once all completion variables had been satisfied, the NEXT button would appear (be visible).

I then used _level0.ArtAPI.SlideNum() to tell the presentation to go to a specific slide.

To make an already long story short, it didn't work. Nothing happens when I click the button.

I added a trace statement to the button so that I could ensure I wasn't running into instance name issues, etc. The trace worked as expected ("It Works") showed up in the output window after publishing and doing the interaction in Flash.

I am honestly not certain what the issue is. Everything seems to be correct. The SWF was using Actionscript 2 and published for Flash Player 7, as indicated by the post I read on the subject of Flash navigation of Articulate.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rod!

First of all, welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Secondly, I think the following would be able to better assist you:

The Articulate Studio '13 software development kit (SDK) is a free download that currently supports custom player frames. To learn more about the SDK, see this download page.
Please note that the Studio '13 SDK isn't a supported product. If you need help creating custom frames, we recommend posting in our dedicated SDK forum to connect with other developers.
Rod Schmidt

Thank you, Leslie. Unfortunately, I work on a controlled/closed network, so what I have right now is what I have.

Also, the product is already built in Presenter.

Per this web page I assumed that it was simply a matter of speaking to the Presenter Flash output from the child Flash using the API (inserted child Flash object to parent Flash object).

The poster mentions the Articulate Presenter SDK, but does not say that it is necessary to have the SDK in order to use the actionscript code he refers to.

NOTE: I just checked the SDK discussion forum and several posts mention that Presenter 13 lacks the API commands that Presenter 09 had.

That is extremely disappointing.

Rod Schmidt

I know I am re-hashing the issue, but I just want to confirm this:

In Articulate Presenter 13, there is NO METHOD whatsoever to use a button inside an embedded custom Flash interaction to navigate to the next/previous slide or a specific slide number?

I guess I can't conceive of a rationale for removing a feature that was in a previous version of a product in a newer version. From what I have seen, the API was used by developers quite often.

I will use the link you provided, Leslie. I sincerely doubt that I am the only developer affected by this.