Using Articulate Presenter to publish PowerPoint

I'm trying to publish a PowerPoint using Articulate. When I do it seems to progress thru the slides ok but then it says it's cleaning up temporary. After quite a while it stops advancing and I get a message "We're sorry, something went wrong with Articulate Presenter and it might close. It freezes up on the screen and I have to go to Task Manager to shut it down. I've tried several times and it submitted what's happening on the Error Report box. Any ideas how to get around this? 

I've uploaded it to Storyline but it's changed all the fonts and would require me to fix 70 pages.

Thanks for any assistance.


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hello, Rosemary and Sally.

I'm sorry to hear you're both having issues publishing from Presenter 360!

Please take a look at the article below for steps on repairing:

If you're still experiencing the same after following the steps outlined, please reach out to our team through a support case