Using branching feature with power point slides

Being relatively new to articulate, I am looking for some help on utilizing the branching & publishing in Articulate.  Here is my problem:  I have a power point slide with a list of items that I want the participant to review.  I have also placed a button beside each item that takes them to another slide with more detailed information about the topic.  The button feature works fine, but what I am unsure of is when I publish the course it publishes all the slides with the detailed information on them so that a participant can see them all in the course outline and click right on them. 

What I really want is for the participant to only be able to access the slide with all the topics and when they click the button beside each one it is transparent to them.  Another words they "feel' like it is more of a pop up effect and they never see the detailed slides in the course material.  Is there a way to do that?  Hopefully that makes sense.  Thanks.

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Kayla Burtch

In "slide properties" you can make each of the "more information" slides "hidden"

Then it won't show up in navigation panel.

You can also "lock" the main menu slide, that way they can only move around by clicking your links, and won't be able to click the next or back buttons (those will become "locked")

Hope that helps!