Using PowerPoint 97 and 2010 side by side

Jun 19, 2012


I currently use PowerPoint 97 when I'm creating Articulate e-learning. Another client now needs me to purchase and use PowerPoint 2010 on the same pc for some (non-Articulate) work. I'm a bit nervous about upgrading from Powerpoint 97 to 10 as I have seen some posts about occasional difficulties with ongoing Articulate projects when they have started using 97 and have then been transferred to 10 to be finished off (videos & animations misbehaving etc.)

So I'm considering keeping my ongoing Articulate projects in Powerpoint 97 until they are finished (then doing future Articulate projects in Powerpoint 2010): but also having a copy of PowerPoint 10 on my computer for the other work.

Any thoughts on running both of them side-by side like this? How would I do this? Is it likely to confuse Articulate?? Would I be better off keeping them on separate computers?



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