Using Presenter '13 to Publish to Word

Good morning,

I use Articulate Presenter '13 to publish Powerpoint for use in our LMS.  I also publish from that Powerpoint a Word file to attach as a resource.  I've noticed that (1) the image of the slide is very blurry and nearly unreadable, and (2) sometimes the image of the slide is the WRONG slide!  I have tried publishing to Word four different times this morning and always have the same problem.  Also, it is different slides that are wrong each time.   

Also, when viewing the presentation in the LMS, there are some slides that are actually missing some of the information that is in the Powerpoint.

Was wondering if anyone else has had these issues and how you solved them.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marianne, 

I haven't seen the wrong slide appear in the output, but the blurriness may be driven by the overall size of your slides and what size you chose when publishing to Word. The Word publish creates a screenshot and puts that in a Word document. 

All that being said, I know it was something a few other folks mentioned and our team worked on an enhancement within Studio 360. If you'd like to share your Presenter '13 package I'm happy to upgrade it for you and provide the publish to see if that version works better for you, and then you're welcome to talk with our team about upgrading. 

That would also allow me to check the wrong slide behavior you're seeing. So if you'd like to share here, you can upload using the Add Attachment button or you can send along to our Support Engineers here. 

Marianne Madison

Good morning Ashley,

I am unable to attach the Articulate Package for the course that is giving
me problems as the zip file is over 25 mb. Can I use the service from to send it to you? If so, do I use the email address

The slides were originally created a few years ago using Powerpoint 2010
and published using Studio '09. However, this year, we have upgraded to
Powerpoint 2016 and Studio '13. The issue is that when I publish the
slides to Word 2016 to use as a resource to be attached to the published
course, some of the slides themselves are last year's slides, while the
slide notes are this year's notes.

As for the blurriness of the slides in the resulting Word file, we didn't
have this problem until we upgraded our Office software. I have no idea
what settings to change to make the slides clearer as they were in previous
years. If you can help with that as well, I'd really appreciate all your

Thank you,