Using silence to advance slide but also use background track


I have a title slide that I want to advance automatically after about 4 seconds, then do the same for the next 2 slides.  I have set the slide properties on those slide to advance automatically.  For the first three slides, I want to have a background track as well.

I was thinking I should add a silent track of 4 seconds created using Audacity to each slide but can I stil have the background music?

If that is not possible, you can see the route I need to travel...any other thoughts are ideas?

Many thanks!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hello Dave - yeah, this should be no problem. You can use the Playlist feature in Articulate Presenter to apply your background music. When you apply a playlist to consecutive slides, the background music will play continually across the slides. It's separate from the slide-by-slide audio narration, so on any given slide you could also add narration or not - it's up to you.