Variety of Audio Issues

May 20, 2016


Like many of my courses, I recorded much of my audio via the "Record Narration" option on the Articulate tab. However, as I have done in the past, slides with longer narration (or wordy narration) were recorded within audio editor so we could record in smaller chunks. Before saving and closing, I scrolled through the audio editor and everything seemed to fine; my slide transitions were in the correct place and everything was accounted for. I saved the audio and went on to sync my animations. 

While syncing I soon realized I had a problem. I closed the Sync Animation screen and reopened the Audio Editor to see what was going on. I found a variety of issues:

  • Most of the slide transitions (cue points) were incorrect/missing
  • Audio was duplicated on a few of the slides (repeated itself)
  • Several slides were missing the first few seconds of audio (this is the most prevalent issue) or the last few seconds
  • There were large gaps of silence inserted into an audio clip (full recording was present)
  • There were large gaps of silenced audio (where audio was replaced with silence)
  • A single slide's audio overlapped across multiple slides (which previously did not contain audio) 

I will have to rerecord approximately 50% of my audio. I will also IMMEDIATELY export the audio this time (lesson learned)! Before I do, I would really like to know what caused such a mess so I don't encounter this issue again. I apologize for the long winded post.

(Also, unfortunately I will not be able to attach this presentation for someone to take a look at.) 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Erika!

We have an article here that covers some of the common reasons that your audio may become missing or lost. Please be sure that you are utilizing the latest update and that you are working locally. If you are having general issues with your software and across projects, you may want to consider a repair (please note, if you need to update to the latest update this will repair as well so no need for the extra step).

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