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I uploaded a video background to play in the slide automatically.  However, when I click "send back" or "send to background" it does not allow the images and text that it is covering to be seen.  Any ideas on how to do this.  I can add video into PowerPoint's ribbon and get it to "send back" into the background, but then it does not play.  

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Leila  Dibble


Thanks so much for the ideas. I tried adding the video to a blank quiz and everything worked perfectly.  I just need help figuring out how to get rid of two things: 

1) the next button or any submit button (I would like the slides to advance automatically in this portion)

2) the preview quiz slide that appears after the quiz appears even when I asked for no feedback. 

I would appreciate it if anyone has ideas  on making a quiz look more like a regular slide.


PS - You guys really are my heros!

Justin Grenier

Hello again, Leila.

  1. Here's a thought on making the Submit button completely transparent using the Quizmaker colour scheme editor.
  2. This article includes how to disable the fail results slide, and this article includes how to disable the pass results slide.

If I've misunderstood any of your questions, please feel free to zip up your course and send it over to us for a closer look.

Thanks, and good luck with your project!